What is exactly online reputation management and how much important it is

What is exactly online reputation management and how much important it is?

Your company strives to maintain excellent customer satisfaction by providing personalized interactions and continuously developing products and features to meet their needs. However, even with exceptional customer service, businesses sometimes face challenges that can negatively impact their reputation. Negative customer reviews or unfavorable media coverage can spread quickly, potentially tarnishing your online presence. This is where the importance of online reputation management comes into play.

Online reputation management (ORM) involves actively monitoring mentions of your brand on websites and social media platforms to address any negative or false comments. By promptly responding to negative customer feedback and effectively managing media stories that portray your company negatively, you can minimize the impact on your reputation.

Distinction between reputation management and public relations (PR)

online reputation management

 While both aim to present your company in the best possible light, they employ different approaches. PR firms primarily focus on external efforts like advertising and coordinated media promotions to strengthen brands, occasionally handling damage control. On the other hand, online reputation management is primarily a reactive process, with internal teams monitoring and responding to potentially damaging content from various sources.

So why is it crucial to manage your online reputation?

Although individual instances of negative feedback may seem insignificant, they can accumulate and impact your brand’s image over time. ORM allows you to address each issue promptly and prevent them from escalating into significant damage. Additionally, maintaining transparency is vital for brand loyalty in today’s consumer landscape. While orchestrated PR campaigns have their place, customers also seek authentic and direct interactions with businesses. By engaging in online reputation management, you demonstrate your commitment to addressing negative claims openly and directly.

Now, let’s explore five effective strategies for managing your brand’s online reputation:

Respond promptly and empathetically: Address customer questions and comments on social media and other platforms in a timely manner. Research shows that 83% of people expect responses within a day or less. Prompt responses prevent negative feedback and convey your dedication to assisting customers. It’s equally important to respond empathetically, understanding and validating their concerns.

Address negativity proactively: Instead of ignoring negative comments or reviews, acknowledge and address them. Dismissing them may create the impression that you don’t value customer feedback. Research indicates that 97% of consumers read businesses’ responses to online reviews, so it’s an opportunity to show your commitment to resolving issues and taking care of your customers.

Take responsibility for mistakes: When your company faces scrutiny due to a real or perceived scandal, it’s essential to apologize and show genuine remorse. Apologizing diffuses tense situations, builds trust with customers, and highlights your company’s honesty and transparency. Craft your apology with the intention to address the concerns raised, describe the actions you will take to resolve the issue, and follow through on your commitments.

Monitor search results: Utilize search engine optimization (SEO) not only to enhance your brand’s visibility but also to minimize the visibility of negative press or content associated with your company. Aim to have your company’s page rank first when searching for your brand’s name, as the top search result garners the most clicks. Regularly monitor your brand’s search results using an incognito window to understand how customers perceive your brand. In some cases, bidding on your branded keywords may be necessary to maintain the top position, as competitors can bid on them as well.

Automate reputation management tasks: To save time and streamline the process, consider using software that automates ORM tasks. Google Alerts is a simple monitoring tool that notifies you of media and news stories mentioning your company. By staying informed about when and where your brand is being discussed, you can quickly respond when necessary.

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