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    A single piece of negative content has the power to destroy the reputation and hamper the business of a brand. ORM services are the need of the hour for your business to remove negative content from Google searches. These contents can be in any form, such as blogs, forums, reviews, complaints, videos, etc. We at Build Brand Better help the brand clean the same and help the brand control the damage.

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    We at Build Brand Better use our professional, cutting-edge software to get your comprehensive reputation report. We help you to minimize your risk factors in Google and social media, maximize positive visibility, and monitor your reputation through the best online reputation management agency. We also use our technology to replace negative search results with positive online assets you control.

    Online Reputation Management Services

    Reputation Management

    We control the digital area, improve online visibility, and build trust with reputation management solutions for businesses to build a strong reputation in the market for all types of businesses.

    Review Management

    We maintain a careful check on the reviews to earn more positive reviews and improve your brand trust while removing those that interfere with your business reputation with cutting-edge review management solutions.

    Content Removal

    Remove harmful content and information that has the potential to harm your hard-acquired online reputation to manage your excellent image in the market.

    Reputation Monitoring

    By monitoring your business, we spot problems before they can harm your business prospects with proactive monitoring business reputation monitoring solutions designed for your needs.


    We put a spotlight on your achievements, values, online credibility, and digital reputation with customized branding solutions for companies and individuals.

    Crisis management

    A crisis has the potential to damage your company’s reputation. We identify current and upcoming threats, streamline communications, and recover quickly with customized crisis management solutions.

    What We Do


    Our professional experts in search engine optimization (SEO) as it relates to online reputation repair can quickly push down negative Google search results. Take control of how people see your business’ reputation online. We also help in developing a strategy that ensures people only see what you want them to without any negative search results in sight.


    Negative content is hurtful. Using our professional removal process, we will help you get rid of it for good.

    We are professionally skilled at removing:

      News Articles

      Legal Info

      Blog posts

      Videos, & Images


    How To…

    What is online reputation management, and why do you need excellent ORM for your business?

    All businesses work hard to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their products and services. But even with the best customer service, a business is bound to see its reputation take a hit every now and then.

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    What is personal branding and how do you do it?

    When we speak or think of “personal branding,” we basically refer to some famous people who have successfully established their personas as their brands. But what actually is personal branding? Personal branding is the process of creating a brand identity for a person or company.

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    Why do celebrities need online reputation management?

    If you are well known and popular in your area or around the world, you have likely put a lot of time and resources into building your brand and your reputation. Celebrity reputation management can help you protect what you have built as your brand. Anything that damages your reputation can put your present and future at risk.

    How to manage and respond to a negative customer review?

    Positive reviews and interactions with business customers improve organic visibility. But most importantly, customer reviews impact business tremendously and the decisions potential customers make to patronize or not patronize.

    How to remove negative news articles from Google?

    As more and more users are moving to search engines to learn information and perform research, understanding your personal or brand’s online reputation is becoming increasingly essential.

    How to push down or bury negative search results?

    As we all know, every company is different, with different situations and challenges, and they each deal differently with negative or fake search results on Google.

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    You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

    Will online reputation management help my business grow?

    Online reputation management influences your business in a positive way. It takes a lot of effort,time, and money to manage your online reputation. ORM is necessary or important for yourbusiness as it will increase sales and serve as an easy way to connect with people. It helps in building trust and credibility, which are required for your brand value. ORM works on the bad influences that spread as a rumor. ORM helps in researching the strategy of the business and investing in potential customers. They put your insight and your good reputation on the line. The success and growth of your business are heavily dependent on its online reputation.

    Is it possible to remove negative online reviews?

    An ideal online reputation management company will inform you in the beginning that it cannot remove all the bad reviews in one go. It will provide you with strategies on how to deal with bad comments or turn them into good ones. It might take a week to do so. Some good companies ask that you deal with the viewers with patience. This is what online reputation management companies believe in. Be responsive and smart, and ask them what they found wrong with the content that made them so aggressive.

    Why is having a good online reputation necessary?

    If you have a business, small or large, then your brand needs a reputation to solidify its base. As you are presently online, your reputation also needs to be solid. Many potential customers depend on online reviews. A positive and good recommendation by a customer instills a sense of comfort in a new customer. And this is only possible when your business’s reputation is at its highest peak. Your brand gets dislocated by the way you respond to negative feedback. So having a good reputation will build and grow your business and eventually increase your sales.

    How can an online reputation be damaged?

    Reputation can be damaged in a fraction of a second if you let it go. when you start to react overemotionally without having the patience to deal with the problem. Engaging in gossip will belittle other brands, and customers will easily judge that you are insecure about other good brands. Bad social media behavior is not good for your business’s reputation. So be mindful while choosing words and react with patience and calm.

    How does online reputation management work?

    It depends on the challenges each business faces and its priorities. We tailor the approach to meet the needs of the business, its priorities, and its customers. Typically, we start by auditing your online reputation, taking an all-channel and presence approach. We then make recommendations for you based on what is not shown in the audit, and you will get the results you are looking for.





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