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Have you ever Googled your Healthcare company name and found a negative Remove Ratemd Review ranking on Google search results? Are you really worried that the negative news story will have a very bad impact on your personal or professional life, or that you will have difficulty generating new clients? If so, we are here to help you with our professional skills and experience.

    Bad or  Fake reviews are Damaging your Reputation?

    RateMDs is a reputed or famous rate site for doctor reviews worldwide. It is the most visited site with a huge number of monthly visitors and a trusted site for seeing the doctor’s reviews before choosing them for treatments. Regrettably, this site is an unlocked door for anyone who is not from the medical field or doesn’t have any medical knowledge to review any physician. Physicians take education and experience by spending lots of years and some people who don’t follow the instructions, had illogical expectations, or suffer from mental illness accuse the physician to harm their reputation. For this reason, a negative, fake, or defamatory review of RateMDs can be very damaging to the career of a physician.

    Why is it important to remove reviews from RateMDs?

     RateMDs is a website that allows users to submit and read reviews, typically of doctors, psychologists, dentists, group practices, and hospitals. It is an absolutely free site to use for both doctors and consumers. Everyone wants the best treatment from the best physician, and for this reason, they read the reviews before trusting any healthcare specialist.

    If you want to remove the reviews, you should employ a team for this purpose, that builds a plan of action to handle this. With this, you can manage your spotless profile and it will benefit the thousands that came to you in the future.

    Straightforwardly, Build Brand Better is adequate in this situation because we have the excessive experience of removing millions of reviews from RateMDs. By having huge expertise in removing reviews, we removed quickly and effectively RateMDs reviews.

    Effects Of RateMDs Bad and False Reviews To A Medic

    According to the results of a recent study, almost 72% of patients start their search for a new doctor by reading online reviews. You just cannot afford to disregard negative feedback in these circumstances.

    Here are some effects and difficulties that 

    • Physicians with negative internet ratings are blocked by various healthcare organizations, and most hospitals will not like them to practice there.
    • Some physicians want to work in well-known healthcare but with negative reviews, they can’t get the opportunity also it’s difficult to get any job.
    • The authorities may detain physicians who are discovered blocklisting patients on these websites and prosecute them with a crime or misdemeanor.
    • Many physicians have been sacked from their jobs at hospitals or big healthcare departments as a result of negative online reviews.
    • All physicians are required to engage in this practice by several hospitals and hospital departments, and they will only be paid if they do so.
    • A lot of physicians have also suffered consequences from their companies or hospitals as a result of negative ratings on these websites.

    Strategies for Handling RateMDs Negative Reviews

    If a false, fake, or negative review on has destroyed your brand online, Build Brand Better can help restore your reputation. We have helped many individuals by removing negative or fake information online and entirely restoring their reputations. Below are some strategies we have used to remove reviews and help doctors restore their online reputations.

    Our strategies to remove RateMDs reviews:

    Observe Patient Privacy and HIPAA regulations.

    Priority should be given to protecting patient privacy when posting a response online. However, you are permitted to reply to complaints in generic terms while maintaining patient anonymity. General phrases may refer to describing office policies, customary office practices, or anything else that is relevant to all patients, depending on the circumstance. Even while this strategy might not always be effective, it can be used as a criterion to determine whether other choices should be taken into account when reacting to unfavourable evaluations.

    Present a Detailed Action Plan

    While it’s crucial to acknowledge a reviewer’s feedback, showing a desire to take action to resolve the issue demonstrates that you take the reviewer’s concerns seriously. Transparency-wise, letting the reviewer know you’re aware of the issue and working to fix it can assist to defuse the situation. In this way, if a potential patient reads this review, they will not only notice that there is a problem with your profession but also have the willingness to handle it.

    Build a great Online Presence

    Letting down your false or negative online review we take steps to build a strong and great online presence. Now practically the internet has its own world and people search here mostly so, we make strategies to be you in the top search engines. From the website ranking to social networks and sites where prospective patients are, we implement strong plans to raise patients. Moreover, we publish informative articles or posts on networking sites as well as on your website for a better presence.

    Regain your credibility and trust in RateMDs with Build Brand Better

    Unfair and false evaluations are dangerous to your reputation and since there is no system in place for authenticating actual patient experiences and confidentiality regulations prevent you from successfully defending yourself with details, so, the permanent and quickest review deletion is the best treatment for unfair reviews.

    A physician earns a reputation after years of hard work and a single bad or false patient review can damage the reputation of a physician. These kinds of reviews can significantly influence future patient decisions, and also negatively impact physician’s market image. At Build Brand Better, we protect your hard-earned reputation on websites like RateMD and don’t let slanderous customer reviews and other negative trolls tarnish your reputation. We have massive experience in removing negative content on the RateMDs website along with this we have the knowledge of policies, guidelines, and other term conditions of RateMDs.

    Manage your physician reputation with Build Brand Better, we maintain your professionalism at every stage. With our specialized content removal team, we are here to help you by removing inaccurate RateMDs reviews. Consult with us today and build a solid reputation with Build Brand Better.

    Don’t let a single negative Google result ruin your business


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