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How to remove negative news articles from Google

As more and more users are moving to search engines to learn information and perform research, understanding your personal or brand’s online reputation is becoming increasingly essential. This means that even a single negative news article can be damaging to both your reputation and your business. To make matters even worse, the negative coverage can rank highly on the first page of Google for a while, even long after the event has passed.

Why do news articles rank so highly?

News articles can rank highly so easily after their date of publication and stick around the top results for a very long period of time. The main reason why news articles rank so well is because of the websites on which they are published. One of the most prominent Google ranking factors is the number of links that a specific website has. The more links a website has, the better the pages on that site will rank in the search engines.

New sites are some of the most powerful and strongest sites on the web due to the number of links they attract. Since news stories have the tendency to be shareable content and tend to generate a lot of coverage from other places on the web,

How do you remove negative news articles from Google searches?

• Request that the journalist remove the article: The first and foremost step is to try to reach out to the journalist who wrote the article and request its removal. This is the most ideal action. If you get in contact with the journalist, try to be polite and respectful with your request. Getting angry with them will only make the matter worse. In case you are not able to reach the journalist, try to reach out to their managing editor instead. They may be more likely to respond to queries and inquiries about previously published articles.

• Request an update to the article: Unfortunately most times, the journalist isn’t willing to outright remove articles from their websites. And generally, to get the articles updated, you will need to provide some type of proof.

• Fill out Google’s DMCA form: When looking for options to remove negative news articles, you can also try filling out Google’s DMCA form. It is a form that is offered by Google where you can request that content be removed from the search engines for a variety of reasons. By using this form, you can think of the reason the negative news article violates and request Google to remove the content.

• Give the article time to fall off the first page: Depending on how recent the negative news article is, doing nothing and simply waiting for the article to fall off the first page of Google could be an apt situation. Once the article is updated and no longer remains relevant to searches over time, we can see that Google has completely removed it.

• Create positive news stories: Another powerful strategy to help suppress negative news articles is to quickly get back into the news cycle, except in a positive situation. This can help push any negative news articles off of the first page of Google and associate searches for a name or company with more positive content.

• Suppress the negative news article: Unfortunately, journalists and Google are unwilling to remove negative news articles from their respective platforms. In this case, it is best to suppress the negative news articles. Search suppression is when you take actions to improve the rankings of other results, pushing the negative article down the first page of Google. While the article won’t be removed from the search engines, you’ll eventually decrease the number of people who can see the result. This is because very few people actually click through to the second page of results.

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