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How to manage and respond to a negative customer review

Positive reviews and interactions with business customers improve organic visibility. But most importantly, customer reviews impact business tremendously and the decisions potential customers make to patronize or not patronize. Just like customer reviews, which have influence in the real world, they not only give people a better idea of the effectiveness and quality of a specific product, service, or business—they reinforce a better than average customer experience, something all consumers want. That is why all brands must accept and engage with customer reviews, good or bad, always.

Moreover, responding to positive reviews is usually that hard. It is the negative reviews and feedback that are usually the most difficult to tackle, and with good reason. It is very hard to take harsh criticism. And what is even harder is dealing with an angry customer who can sometimes become stubborn and overwhelming in these situations.

These are some strategies to manage and respond to negative reviews:

• Answer quickly, thoughtfully, and honestly: If someone is upset enough to post a negative review, they usually do it as soon as possible after the negative experience takes place. And they also need to be truly appreciated for their true value. Along with a quick and thoughtful response, be honest. Transparency goes a long way in maintaining customer reviews.

• Give each response a custom response: customers need to be heard and seen. They want to make an impact on the people operating the business being reviewed. One of the best ways to illustrate that to people is to give them the attention they deserve. The best way to do that is to show a custom response.

• Never get personal: Be thoughtful and give a unique response; never get personal in any way or become rude. Handle the situation like a true business professional.

• Follow up with negative reviews: Always follow up with negative reviewers. Make sure their issues have been solved and they end up being happy and satisfied customers.

• Encourage customers to leave reviews: The best way to ensure happy and satisfied customers are leaving positive reviews is to recommend customers leave reviews. Good reviews work with negative reviews to build a brand’s reputation.

• Request that fake reviews be removed: Not all the reviews will be true or authentic. Sometimes it’s the competition, a former employee, or sometimes it’s even a potential customer who never became an actual customer and tries to take on the brand for no reason. These types of reviews are against most terms and can be removed when reported.

• Monitor your online reputation: monitor your online reputation regularly. Monitoring your online presence is the best way to stay consistently on top of all reviews. By doing so, you’re able to apply all the previously mentioned guidelines for handling reviews and ensure your business is positioned for success online and beyond.

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