How to Remove Negative Reviews from Glassdoor

How to Remove Negative Reviews from Glassdoor

Learn effective strategies to remove Negative Reviews from Glassdoor in this comprehensive post. We understand the significance of addressing misleading reviews by disgruntled employees promptly and the importance of safeguarding your online reputation. At present, the internet holds immense power, capable of causing substantial harm to any brand or individual through negative online reviews. With numerous review platforms available, almost anyone can post unfavorable feedback online. Sadly, these negative comments can have far-reaching consequences on both our personal and professional lives. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize online reputation monitoring.

What is Glassdoor?

Negative Reviews

You might be wondering where Glassdoor fits in the landscape of online review sites and why it is vital to remove false or misleading reviews from this platform. It is widely known that Internet review platforms have revolutionized the way business owners interact with their customers. Thousands of review sites offer customers the opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts with others.

Among these platforms, Glassdoor stands out as the unrivaled leader in employer reviews. While most review platforms focus on consumer reviews of professionals, businesses, and services, Glassdoor allows employees to review various aspects of their workplace, such as company policies, work environment, culture, and salaries. Positive reviews on Glassdoor can help potential employees make informed decisions about pursuing employment opportunities with a particular company. The ratings on Glassdoor wield significant influence, differentiating a company from its competitors in any market. Conversely, negative employee reviews can harm a business’s prospects, as they receive substantial attention from job seekers researching employment opportunities. A single negative Glassdoor review can severely impact your company’s online reputation and overall success.

Removing Negative Glassdoor Reviews is a Smart Business Decision

Now, why should you remove reviews from Glassdoor? Negative or false reviews, regardless of their veracity, can rapidly tarnish a company’s reputation. This can hinder your ability to attract talented individuals, form new business partnerships, and achieve growth. Negative Glassdoor reviews often misrepresent your workplace, doing significant damage to your brand. Business owners understand the vital role of reputation management in today’s competitive business environment. Company reviews, whether positive or negative, exert a profound impact on the potential for growth in any market sector. If your company faces one or more negative Glassdoor reviews that cast it in a negative light, you may find yourself facing difficult choices. Should you attempt to remove these reviews yourself, or would it be more prudent to enlist the services of a professional online reputation management company?

The Problem with Verification of Information

Despite many platforms claiming transparency and identity verification for reviewers, fake and defamatory reviews continue to slip through the cracks. False reviews present a pervasive problem, exacerbated by the fact that the actual employee may not be the one writing the review. Glassdoor allows anonymous reviewers to post content with minimal constraints.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of online information is never verified. Only when a review violates established policies, such as containing language promoting sexual harassment, defamatory content, or slanderous details, will it be flagged. Violations of the Communications Decency Act may also lead to the platform flagging false, misleading, or negative reviews. Misleading and fake reviews can harm your business reputation in an instant, leading to a decline in customers’ trust and their decision to discontinue using your products or services. Your business culture may suffer under the strain of an unjustified negative Glassdoor reputation.

Glassdoor Review Removal: Can Glassdoor Delete Reviews?

The answer to the question “Can Glassdoor Reviews Be Removed?” is affirmative, albeit with certain conditions. Removing unfavorable reviews from Glassdoor can be approached in various ways, although some methods are more effective than others.

Receiving a negative review on Glassdoor is an unpleasant experience for any entrepreneur. However, when a review is justified and provides valuable feedback about areas for improvement, it can serve as a learning opportunity. The problem arises when individuals attempt to harm your company’s reputation unfairly.

The unfortunate reality is that once a fraudulent review is posted on Glassdoor, it can be challenging to have it removed. The website’s removal policy typically does not remove user testimonials unless there is a legal basis for doing so. In other words, the negativity of a Glassdoor review alone may not be sufficient grounds for removal. There must be compelling reasons, such as legal action or violations of Glassdoor community guidelines, to support the removal request.

If you believe you are the victim of an unjustified negative employee review, you can contact Glassdoor, explain the situation, and politely request its removal. When you flag reviews, Glassdoor offers several potential solutions, as we will discuss in the next section.

So, Will Glassdoor Remove Fake Reviews?

Upon reviewing your request, Glassdoor will flag a review as a violation of community guidelines and terms of use and proceed with its removal if it is deemed false, defamatory, or misleading. However, proving that a scathing review is false can be a challenging task, and success is rarely guaranteed.

Another option to remove Glassdoor reviews is to reach out directly to the person who posted the review and request its removal. In fortunate circumstances where the employee is not deeply angered, they may agree to take it down amicably. However, unless there is a specific legal action involved, the reviewer is under no obligation to remove the review. Nonetheless, making the request is still a good idea.

Another approach to address negative Glassdoor reviews is to respond to them yourself. Use a polite and sincere tone, and make an effort to understand the reviewer’s perspective. Taking the time to respond to a Glassdoor review sends a positive signal that your company is willing to address issues and improve the working environment for its employees. This can help counteract any negative search results stemming from unpleasant or false reviews and serves as a powerful reputation management strategy that can yield long-term benefits.

The Easiest Way to Deal With Negative Glassdoor Reviews

The most effective course of action for removing a negative review from Glassdoor and ensuring your company develops a strong online reputation strategy is to use online reputation management services. These services provide expertise in managing and improving your company’s reputation online, including addressing negative reviews. With the assistance of reputation management professionals, you can take proactive steps to mitigate the impact of negative Glassdoor reviews and strengthen your brand’s online presence.

How Build Brand Better Can Help Remove Negative Glassdoor Reviews 

Build Brand Better is the leading online reputation management company that can help your business overcome the challenges posed by negative reviews on Glassdoor and other platforms. Our advanced review management solutions are designed to monitor, remove, respond to, and generate reviews, ensuring that your online reputation remains strong and favorable. 

With our review monitoring service, we actively track customer reviews across millions of web pages and review sites. We prioritize your online presence and identify reviews that can either strengthen or damage your reputation. Our expert team develops efficient strategies for managing reviews, enabling you to stay on top of your online reputation. When it comes to dealing with bad reviews, our review management strategy focuses on removal. We understand that false, misleading, or defamatory reviews can harm your business unfairly. That’s why we work directly with review sites to flag and remove such reviews, protecting your reputation and ensuring that potential customers get an accurate representation of your business. Our review response service empowers you to engage with your customers directly. We believe that active participation and transparency can significantly enhance the customer experience. By responding quickly to every new review, you demonstrate your commitment to addressing customer concerns and building trust. Additionally, our review generation strategies help you gather more reviews from satisfied customers. We understand that reviews are a crucial factor in building trust and credibility. By encouraging more reviews, we improve brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty to your company.

When it comes to removing negative Glassdoor reviews and managing your online reputation, Build Brand Better is your trusted partner. Our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to develop a customized approach that aligns with your business goals. With our comprehensive review management solutions, you can regain control of your online reputation and ensure that your brand shines in the digital landscape. Contact Build Brand Better today and let us help you build a strong and positive online reputation for your business.


  1. Can negative reviews on Glassdoor impact my company’s reputation?

Yes, negative reviews on Glassdoor can significantly impact your company’s reputation by influencing potential employees’ decisions and affecting your brand image.

2. Why is it important to remove false or misleading reviews from Glassdoor?

Removing false or misleading reviews from Glassdoor is crucial to maintain an accurate representation of your company and protect its online reputation, as these reviews can harm your brand and hinder growth.

3. Can Glassdoor delete reviews upon request?

Glassdoor has a policy to remove reviews that violate their community guidelines or terms of use. If a review is flagged as false, defamatory, or misleading, Glassdoor may consider removing it.

4. How can I request the removal of an unjustified negative review on Glassdoor?

You can contact Glassdoor directly and explain the situation, politely requesting the removal of the review. Glassdoor offers potential solutions when reviews are flagged, but success is not guaranteed.

5. Is it possible to reach out to the person who posted the negative review and request its removal?

Yes, you can try reaching out to the reviewer directly and ask them to remove the review. However, unless there is a legal basis for removal, the reviewer is not obligated to take it down.

6. Should I respond to negative Glassdoor reviews myself?

Yes, it is recommended to respond to negative Glassdoor reviews in a polite and sincere manner. By addressing the reviewer’s concerns and demonstrating your willingness to improve, you can counteract the negative impact and showcase your commitment to employee satisfaction.

7. What are the benefits of using online reputation management services for Glassdoor reviews?

Online reputation management services can help you effectively manage negative Glassdoor reviews. These services provide expertise in monitoring, responding to, and even removing harmful reviews, ensuring your online reputation remains strong and favorable.

8. How can Build Brand Better help in removing negative Glassdoor reviews?

Build Brand Better is an online reputation management company that specializes in handling negative reviews on Glassdoor and other platforms. Their services include monitoring reviews, strategizing removal, responding to reviews, and generating positive reviews to improve your brand’s online reputation.

9. Why is review monitoring important for managing Glassdoor reviews?

Review monitoring allows you to actively track customer reviews across various platforms, helping you identify and address negative reviews promptly. It enables you to stay informed about your online reputation and take proactive measures.

10. How can generating more reviews help mitigate the impact of negative Glassdoor reviews?

By encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews, you can generate more positive feedback, which helps balance out the impact of negative reviews. Increased review volume demonstrates credibility, builds trust, and strengthens your brand’s online presence.

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