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Best ways to build customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty is an important part of every business, be it small or large. But this can be a crucial task. Some businesses think they need to be perfect to build a loyal customer base. This isn’t the case. With a few strategic ways to build customer loyalty, you can strengthen and enjoy a good relationship with your customers while building value at the same time.

But why is it important to build customer loyalty? Loyal customers spend somewhere between 31% and 67% more than new customers, and they’re 50% more likely to try new products and services. Since you don’t have to advertise, you can find and win over these customers.

Also, businesses with a loyal customer base benefit from a positive image and free marketing when happy and satisfied customers make recommendations to friends and family.

Finding ways to build customer loyalty can be a difficult task. Let us look at some strategies:

  • Share Good Reviews and Testimonials: When you show that you provide an exceptional customer experience, other customers are more likely to believe it and draw attention towards your business. When you solve a problem for your customers, follow up with them to get a review. Or, when a customer leaves you a good review, ask if they’ll talk with you and provide a video testimonial. Then, you can collect a library of positive feedback from your customers. You can use this feedback in a variety of ways, but it can be a helpful and easy way to build customer loyalty.
  • Provide loyalty points: Customers can easily switch to a competitor unless you give them a reason to stay, enjoy your service, and make another purchase with you. One way to do this is to provide a better experience or a better and more affordable price. But this isn’t always enough or easy. Another strategy to build customer loyalty is to reward your customers with anything when they make purchases. Providing loyalty points is one way to encourage customers to purchase again.
  • Personalized Rewards: While loyalty points can usually be cashed in for any products or services, personalized rewards can help you make even stronger connections with your customers. Personalized rewards might include any of the following:

    • Discounts on certain products a customer has purchased before

    • Free gifts, special discounts, or promotions on the customer’s birthday

    • first access to products or services similar to those the customer bought before.

Or you can ask your loyal customers, friends, or colleagues what types of rewards are meaningful to them.

Provide Value: When a customer’s experience with your company helps them complete a task, save time, or gain something extra, they’re expected to visit or make a purchase again. One way that companies build customer loyalty is by reminding customers when it’s time to schedule another appointment. This means there’s one less thing a customer has to remember. A shop might provide similar utility by reminding a customer when it’s time to replace a part or a product that’s about to wear out. Or, you might provide repairs or services. Consider the issues, questions, or curiosities a customer might have related to your products or services and how you can solve them.

  • Connect on Multiple Points: Another strategy to build customer loyalty is to connect with your customers on multiple platforms or in multiple ways. For example, if a customer buys your products and also uses your app, they’re less likely to switch to another business for products and services. Or, if a customer regularly reads your blog, subscribes to your newsletter, or interacts with your social media account, they’re less likely to simply forget about your business.
  • Subscription services: If customers are regularly interested in your products or services, a subscription service can help them save time and build a powerful connection with your business. A subscription service can look different for different businesses. This might include a regular mail subscription service for consumable products like food, skincare, soap, wine, fragrances, etc. It might include a problem-solving app that organizes or tracks events or even data. Or, it might include a regular online meeting. Regular connections with your customers that help improve their lives, reduce trips to the store or eliminate other tasks can all help in building loyalty.

Following the above tips is key to ensuring a positive and memorable experience for your customers. Leaving a good impression will help in making happy customers, spreading positive reviews for your company, and ultimately creating and strengthening customer loyalty.

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